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  Glossary of Terms
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Glossary of Terms

Boston Bottle: These attractive bottles have a sloped shoulder and slightly tapered base. They are suitable for Cosmetics or Pharmaceuticals, and are available in a range of colours, sizes and materials.
Bottle: Container with a narrow neck (compare Jar).
Cascaseal: A seal which fits inside the cap and attaches to the neck of the jar when the cap is removed. Often used in cream jars (Click Here for a Photo).
Caps: Closures used to hold contents inside a container. They come in many colours, shapes and forms. Usually has an internal thread which must match the container neck. Normally made of polypropylene (see Glossary of Plastics).
Combo Cap: A Tamper Evident cap with a band which breaks off when the cap is unscrewed, but the band stays on the bottle. The neck of the container has a wedge shaped band with ratchets. This breaks the tamper evident band cleanly off the cap when the cap is removed, but keeps the ‘break band’ on the neck of the container.
Foil Wads: Are polycell wads with a layer of foil. The foil layer protects the polywad (LDPE) from the chemicals in the bottle.
Heat Induction Wads: A layer of foil with a wax-like product on the underside. This wad is placed into the cap, 'wax' side towards the container. The cap is applied at the correct torque and the container is passed under an electromagnetic field (like a microwave). This heats the foil, melts the 'wax' and sticks the wad to the top of the container. These wads are suitable for liquid or powder products. The wads create an excellent moisture and oxygen barrier.
Indent Only: The product is available but is NOT a stock item. It will be ordered in to fill your requirements. Minimum quantities may apply.
Jar: Container with a wide neck (compare Bottle).
Krispaks: Pharmaceutical glass bottles shrink wrapped in bundles of 10. Most krispaks have white caps already on the bottles.
Modified Boston Bottle: These elegant bottles have a sloped shoulder, like the Boston Bottles, but a regular, straight-sided base. Modified Boston Bottles are available in a range of colours, sizes and materials.
Phenolic: is a compression moulded plastic which produces a very stiff cap and makes a very accurate moulding. Phenolic is usually black and has good chemical resistance. Caps must be wadded to make a seal. Phenolic is commonly seen in black saucepan handles and old fashioned black light switches. It is a good insulator for both heat and electricity.
PMS Book: 'Pantone Matching System'. A book put out by Pantone Inc. consisting of colour formula guides used as the colour standards in the printing industry. It is available at most good art shops.
Polycell Wadded Caps: Spongy pads in the top of the cap. They fill any unevenness on the top of the bottle. They are made from LDPE, and are for plastic or glass containers.
PS-22 Wads: are sticky on one side, adhere to the neck of the bottle and stay on the container when the lid is removed. These wads are only suitable for capsules or tablets. If the neck of the container is contaminated with product the wads will NOT stick.
Ratchet Cap: A Tamper Evident cap. A ratchet on the neck of the container grips the cap when it is unscrewed, and breaks off the band. The band will fall off the neck of the container when the cap is removed, eg. the old style milk bottle caps.
Tamper Evident: A closure which has an obvious change once it has been removed, eg. A cap with a tear off band, which either falls off or tears, so the break is easily seen.
Trays: At the time of moulding, pharmaceutical glass is normally packed into cardboard trays and shrink wrapped. The trays of glass are easy to handle and stack. To keep the glass bottles clean we will sell them in whole trays or Krispaks (sealed packs of 10).
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