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Glossary of Caps & Closures

Brushes are attached to the inside of the cap. They can be used for the accurate application of ointments, creams or nail polish.
Child Resistant Caps are usually 2 part caps and they need to be pressed together to engage the take off mechanism.
Disc Tops have a disc let into the top of the cap which pivots to open the cap. This allows for one handed opening normally used for cosmetics.
Double Walled Caps are used on cosmetic bottles, they have a cap inside a second cap making the cap appear to be the same diameter as the bottle.
Flip Tops are a hinged cap used for dispensing cosmetics or sauces.
Foil Wads are polycell wads with a layer of foil. The foil layer protects the polywad (LDPE) from the chemicals in the bottle.
Glass Dropper Assemblies consist of a glass stem a holed cap and a rubber teat, used to dispense medicines.
Heat Induction Wads have a layer of foil with a wax-like product on the underside. This wad is placed into the cap, 'wax' side towards the container. The cap is applied at the correct torque and the container is passed under an electromagnetic field (like a microwave). This heats the foil, melts the 'wax' and sticks the wad to the top of the container. These wads are suitable for liquid or powder products. The wads create an excellent moisture and oxygen barrier.
Nozzles & Overcaps fit into plastic dropper bottles, both are needed to seal the bottle.
Plugs are used in plastic and glass bottles. These closures dispense liquid one drop at a time. The plugs come with two or four holes. The more viscous your product, the more holes you need.
Polycell Wadded Caps are spongy pads in the top of the cap, they fill any unevenness on the top of the bottle. For plastic or glass containers.
Port Corks are closures made from natural cork with a black plastic cap, commonly used to reseal a Port bottle.
PS-22 Wads are sticky on one side, adhere to the neck of the bottle and stay on the container when the lid is removed. These wads are only suitable for capsules or tablets. If the neck of the container is contaminated with product the wads will NOT stick.
Ringseal Caps have 1 or 2 small rings of plastic moulded into the cap, these flatten on the top of the bottle making a seal. Normally used on glass bottles.
Screw Caps (S/C) suit jars with a continuous thread. These jars have an unbroken thread which goes round the top of the jar approximately one and a half turns.
Tampertel Caps (TT) have a band under them which detaches when the cap is removed the band stays on the container.
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